Faculty of Pre-university Education of the Belarusian State University

Frequently Asked Question(s)

How can I study Russian at the BSU?

The BSU offers the following Russian-language programs:

1) Summer School of Russian organized by the Faculty of Pre-University Education of the BSU in July – August.

2) Full-time Courses of Russian as a Foreign Language organized by the Faculty of Pre-University Education of the BSU in September – June.

What programs are offered in Summer School of the Russian language?

The terms of studies are 2, 4, 6 or 8 weeks (20-30 academic hours per week). The cost of the program ranges from 200$ to 690$.



2 weeks  (30 hours a week)


4 weeks  (30 hours a week)


6 weeks  (20 hours a week)


8 weeks (20 hours a week)


When do the studies in Summer School of Russian begin?

In 2017 the studies begin
04.07.2017  - curriculum 2x30; 4x30; 6x20; 8x20.

17.07.2017  -  curriculum 2x30; 4x30; 6x20.

24.07.2017  - curriculum 2x30; 4x30.

01.08.2017  - curriculum 4x30.

What programs do Full-time Courses of Russian as a Foreign Language offer?

The curriculum is based on module principle according to learners' wishes: 20 hours a week within 4, 12, 18, 36 weeks (80 -720 hours).



4 weeks (20 academic hours a week) – 80 hours


12 weeks (20 academic hours a week) -240 hours


18 weeks (20 academic hours a week) -360 hours


36 weeks (20 academic hours a week) – 720 hours



Will there be a test to define my level of the Russian language proficiency?

As the curriculum includes the material of three levels: elementary, basic and advanced, the applicants will be tested before starting classes.

The curriculum includes the material satisfying the requirements of certificate levels of language proficiency:

Elementary level:

  • elementary communication (the language of survival);
  •  lingua-cultural adaptation;
  • spoken Russian practice.

Basic level: 

  • lexical-grammar correction course;
  • intensive course of oral practice and reading;
  • a course of professionally oriented language.

Advanced level:

  • the difficulties of Russian grammar;
  • the language of business and commerce. Business correspondence;
  • Russian and Belarusian culture and civilization;
  • spoken Russian.


How is the studying process organized?

Studying is provided in the Russian language environment and represents an intensive course of studies. The intensity is supported by introduction in the course of studies some special modules: the Internet module, the module of authentic materials, and the module of control testing.

Studies are aimed at intensifying mental and creative activities of learners. Innovation technologies are used in the process of teaching to provide diversity of lessons introducing interactive role games, discussions on problems of intercultural communication, educational excursions and lingua-cultural events.

 What are additional administrative expenses?

Administrative expenses of listeners are as follows:

  1. An invitation for study at the BSU – 45 USD
  2. A state duty for registration: temporary staying – 15 USD, temporary living – 50 USD
  3. Medical insurance – 170 euros for a year
  4. Primary medical examination – 100 USD
  5. Visa for leaving – 20 USD
  6. Visa for arrival and departure – 35 USD
  7. Meeting at the airport – 115 USD (for 1 person)

Does the BSU provide accommodation for foreign students?

All students receive accommodation in the BSU dormitories. The cost of accommodation depends on the type of the dormitory and ranges from $ 40 to $ 75 per month. 

Can I hire a flat in Minsk?

It is possible to hire a flat in Minsk using agencies. Rent ranges from 400 USD per month depending on comfort and location. Agencies take money for their service.

How can I apply tothe Faculty of Pre-University Education of the BSU?

Application process consists of the following steps:

1) Preparing and sending application materials required;

2) Receiving an Invitation Letter after application materials are being reviewed by the BSU Admission Committee (the invitation for study may be given out during 14 working days);

3) Getting a Student Visa at the Belarusian Consulate/ Embassy in your home country and travelling to Belarus;

4) Contacting the BSU or representative prior to arrival to arrange airport pick-up service and dormitory placement.

What documents do I need for application?

The documents required for application are the following:

1) a filled application form (Application form for Courses of Russian as a Foreign LanguageApplication form for preparatory course);

2)  a copy of passport valid for the entire study period with the notarized translation into Russian;

3)  copies of a certificate on Completed secondary school or other institution with notarized translation into Russian;

4)  a notarized copy of standard medical certificate issued by the official health care agency in your  home country.

 All documents should be translated into Russian. The translation should be verified by the notary. Documents are to be marked “Application for study”.

Can send the documents by e-mail?

The documents are to be sent to the university by the post service only. Documents sent by fax or e-mail are not considered! The address is as follows:

The Belarusian State University;

Faculty of Pre-university Education,
25, Academicheskaya Str., 
220072, Minsk,
Republic of Belarus