Faculty of Pre-university Education of the Belarusian State University

The rules of admission




  1. Invitation
  2. Admission
  3. Accomodation
  4. Medical examination
  5. Administrative expenses of applicants



  1. Filled questionnaire (Application for preparatory courseCourses of Russian as a Foreign Language).
  2. Copies of a passport, valid for the period of studies, and its Russian variant verified by the notary.
  3. Copies of a Certificate of education with applied marks in subjects in Russian, verified by the notary.
  4. A copy of health certificate with Russian translation. All documents should be translated into Russian. The translation should be verified by the notary.
  5. Receipt for payment for invitation (data for payment may be acquired at the dean's office of the faculty – Akademicheskaya str., 25  Room 301).

The invitation for study may be given out during 14 working days.

Payment for invitation should be done at the branch 539 of "Belinvestbank" (Bobruyskaya str., 9).

Documents for getting the invitation should be sent to the university with a remark "Заявление на учёбу".

Faxed or e-mailed documents are not accepted.

Address your documents to:

Belarusian State University; Faculty of Pre-university Education,

25, Akademicheskaya str., 220050, Minsk, Republic of Belarus

Tel: +375-17-284-00-02


  • Application form for Courses of Russian as a Foreign Language (file *.pdf ~ 100 Кб) download,
  • Application form for preparatory course (file *.pdf ~ 100 Kb) download



Persons interceding for invitation of an applicant should  present a copy of a passport with valid registration and indicate their status in Belarus. Juridical persons should present a copy of a certificate of state registration.

The accommodation should be reserved 2 days before the arrival. The dormitories receive tenants on working days from 9.00 to 17.00 Minsk time.



1. The applicants should present to the dean's office (Akademicheskaya str.,25 room 301) the following documents:

1.1. The passport with a visa for study in Belarus.

1.2. The copy of the passport verified by the notary or the Belarussian consul.

1.3. The certificate of education with a verified copy in Russian, containing the list of subjects with marks.

1.4. Medical certificate with a verified copy in Russian.

1.5. Medical insurance from "Belgosstrah" or "Beleksimgarant" valid for the whole period of study in Belarus (may be signed at the dean's office).

1.6. 4 photos (3*4 sm).

1.7. a receipt of payment for registration ("Belarusbank").


2. To sign the contract and pay 100% of fees in dollars ("Belinvestbank" 9, Bobruyskaya str. or 10, Oktyabrskaya str.)

3. To pass medical examination in polyclinic № 33 (Surganova str., 45 building 4) and get a medical certificate and a certificate for getting accommodation in a dormitory.

4. After signing the contract and the order of admission the applicants should present the following documents to the dean's office (room 301):

- a questionnaire;

- the passport with the visa for study;

- migration card;

- medical insurance of "Belgosstrah" or "Beleksimgarant", valid for the whole period of stayin in Belarus;

- a copy of the passport in Russian, verified by the notary or the consul of Belarus;

- a tenant's treaty (when hiring a flat);

- a receipt of payment for registration (in any branch of "Belarusbank").

A visa is formed during 14 days.



There are 10 dormitories at the BSU. The listeners of the Faculty of Pre-university Education live in dormitories №5 and №7 (Oktyabrskaya str.). And after admission to the 1st course they live in the dormitories of their faculties.

65% of dormitories have rooms for 3-4 tenants with a common kitchen and a toilet on the floor. Some dormitories consist of 2-roomed flats with an installed bathroom and a toilet.

Each room is furnished with beds, chairs, desks, book-shelves, wardrobes. Fees vary from 40 to 75 USD a month.

For dormitory you need:

  1. the passport
  2. 5 photos
  3. medical certificate (see IV. Medical examination.)

In the dormitory you will receive:

- a pass

- linen

- keys

- a contract of accommodation.

It is possible to hire a flat in Minsk using agencies. Rent varies from 400 USD a month depending on comfort and location. Agencies take money for their service.

The accommodation should be reserved 2 days before the arrival. The dormitories receive tenants on working days from 9.00 to 17.00 Minsk time.



According to the laws of Belarus all foreign students staying for more than 3 month must have medical examination in students polyclinic №33 (Surganova str. 45, building 4), room 613:

- to fill in a medical card

- to give analyses and undergo medical examination

- to receive a medical certificate for dormitory

- to receive a certificate of complex medical examination

(even days: from 12.00 to 17.00;   odd days: from 9.00 to 14.00).



  1. An invitation for study at the BSU – 45 USD
  2. A state duty for registration: temporary staying – 10 USD, temporary living – 50 USD
  3. Preparation of documents for changing the registration (Residence Permit) at the new address (repeatedly) during the academic year - 25 USD
  4. Medical insurance – 170 euros for a year
  5. Primary medical examination – 100 USD
  6. Visa for leaving – 15-20 USD
  7. Visa for arrival and departure – 25-30 USD
  8. Meeting at the airport – 130 USD (for 1 person)



Republic of Belarus, Minsk

Academicheskaya str., 25 – 301

Tel: +375-17-284-00-02