Faculty of Pre-university Education of the Belarusian State University

Summer School of Russian

Summer School of Russian – 2018


Courses of Russian as a Foreign Language


The Belarusian State University offers intensive and interactive Russian language courses at elementary, basic and advanced level which enable students to get in contact personally and actively with the Russian language as well as the history and traditions of Belarus.


The courses of Russian as a foreign language

* are offered from September till June

* include 20 academic hours per week

* cost between $310 and $2300 depending on the preferred length of stay in Belarus (i.e. 4, 12, 18 or 36 weeks).


Due to interactive role games, discussions about intercultural communication, educational excursions and cultural events, the courses encourage students in a creative, innovative and diversified manner.


    Russian Language Summer School


At a language Summer school organized in June - August at the Belarusian State University you can improve your Russian language skills.

Summer school offers the following programs:

* 4 weeks, 20 hours per week - $370

* 6 weeks, 20 hours a week - $520

* 8 weeks, 20 hours a week - $690

* 10 weeks, 20 hours a week - $870.


If desired, the Belarusian State University can offer a curriculum supplemented by tours round Belarus. Thus you can improve your Russian and discover Belarus as well!

In 2018 the studies begin

18.06.2018 - curriculum 10x20

04.07.2018 -  curriculum 4x20; 6x20; 8x20

01.08.2018 - curriculum 4x20.


Courses of Russian as a Foreign Language are organized during September – June. The curriculum is based on module principle according to learners' wish: 20 hours a week within  4, 12, 18, 36 weeks (80 -720 hours) and includes the material satisfying the requirements of  certificate levels of language proficiency:

Elementary level:

  • elementary communication (the language of survival);
  •  lingua-cultural adaptation;
  • spoken Russian practice.

Basic level:

  • lexical-grammar correction course;
  • intensive course of oral practice and reading;
  • a course of professionally oriented language.

Advanced level:

  • the difficulties of Russian grammar;
  • the language of business and commerce. Business correspondence;
  • Russian and Belarusian culture and civilization;
  • spoken Russian.


Learning is provided in the Russian language environment and represents an intensive course of studies. The intensity is supported by introduction in the course of studies some special modules: the Internet module, the module of authentic materials, the module of control testing.

Studies are aimed at intensifying mental and creative activities of learners. Innovation technologies are used in the process of teaching to provide diversity of lessons introducing interactive role games, discussions on problems of interc ultural communication, educational excursions and lingua-cultural events.

- Cost of invitation: $45;

- Tuition fees depend on intensity and terms:

  • Summer school: $200–690;
  • Courses of Russian: $310–2300.

- Accomodation depends on the type of a dormitory and varies from $ 40 to $ 75 per month.

- Extra services: medical insurance , meeting at the airport or at the rail-way station, excursion tours, entertainment programs.



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